Do the new prohormones work?

New Prohormones

In 2017 Prohormones there is a lot of question as to if the new prohormones of today’s era work or not. I have been fortunate enough to get some HI Tech and Blackstone pros sent to me. I have found the the HI tech products such as Superdrol, Sust 250, 1-Testosterone, Chosen ! and Abnormal.

I tested the Superdrol first just because of the name of course, Now just keep in mind this isn’t meant to be a replacement to the original superdrol but it is a solid supplement. Now you wont gain 20 lbs in a single cycle like you would on the old superdrol but lets be real most of that was water weight anyways. What you will gain is a couple good pounds of weight and the plus is you keep all of your gains. The second plus on these pros is there is little to no side effects at all.

This product will give you slow solid gains during your cycle and with the proper pct you can keep most or all of your gains. We do suggest using a good cycle support while taking these products.

These type of supplements are truly the best on the market for building muscle, I’m really surprised they didn’t get banned with the rest of the prohormones out there. I do think it is only a matter of time before we see these products vanish as well. I mean when something works for building muscle it normally doesnt stick around long. I know people say these are safe but I still am in question. I guess we wait and see what happens.

If you would like to buy any of these serious muscle builders stick too these brands I list below. I wouldn’t trust any of the other brands on the market right now.

Sparta Nutrition

HI Tech ( FYI they make this product for everyone.)

Blackstone Labs

Olympus Labs

No matter what you go with be sure to be careful using a methylated pro-hormone as they can be very hard on the liver.

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